Sustainable Packaging

  • Is your packaging correctly designed to be reused, recycled?
  • Do you have recycled content in your packaging?
  • Does your packaging understand the limits to composting (biodegradation) in South Africa?
  • Does your packaging supplier support extended producer responsibility?
  • Do you support the South African Plastics Pact?

With over 8 years in the packaging industry RowanTree has built up an extensive knowledge base on sustainable packaging. We can assist you with making your packaging more sustainable in the South African context. No Greenwashing Allowed.


RowanTree assists SMME's with identifying ways to embed sustainable practices into their manufacturing operations. We strongly believe that embedding sustainable thinking improves companies economics, where bolting it on as an additional considerations only increases costs. Thus we not only look at the usual suspects of resource efficiency and waste reduction but we actively investigate ways to make processes, products and markets more circular as a whole. Our goal is to assist you with a long term strategic sustainable solution that your company can implement and manage as part of the everyday operational process.

Economics & Finance

RowanTree understands that the economic factors impacting sustainability are often difficult to quantify or express in a manner that the CFO understands. RowanTree provides a full spectrum of sustainability analysis for companies.
This includes

  • Materiality analysis aimed at identifying the key non-traditional risks and opportunities to a business.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance due diligence and economic impact analysis
  • Sustainable Development Goal alignment and KPI identification and quantification.